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Workplace X: How the future office will win employees back

Colleagues sharing food

Bolster an experiential office with futuristic food lockers

After 12-months of homeworking, it will perhaps come as no surprise that a portion of the workforce – up to 30% according to Global Workplace Analytics – will be reluctant to return to the office.

Being afforded the flexibility to juggle work, family life and leisure activities certainly has its perks. So, how can employers, keen to retain a collaborative, on-site team, compete? We believe it’s through experiential design.

Striking a balance

When looking at the recent workplace studies, one trend has become particularly clear. People want spaces for group activities and collaboration, as well as quiet corners for ‘heads down’ work – the latter being something many are, currently, more comfortable doing at home (distraction dependent, of course).

When they go into the office, workers want something different to their current day-to-day. And they desire a hybrid week, with some home-based time, and some in a dedicated workspace.

Home comforts

With hybrid working in mind, employers can ease the transition between the office and home by introducing comfortable furnishings.

Increasingly, workplace designers are bringing elements of interior design more frequently seen in residential spaces into the office to provide additional comfort. From soft, rounded seating to biophilia – the key is in creating a calming atmosphere where employees can relax and focus.

Hearty cooking or haute cuisine

When it comes to the food offering, this is where employers can truly offer a differentiating ‘experience’. With restaurants, bars, cafes and every eatery in between closed since last year, workers are ready to ditch the sandwiches for something different and exciting, especially as hot food has been off the menu for a while.

While it can be difficult to cater for the varying needs of a workforce – especially with hybrid working potentially affecting a consistent service – technology can help bolster a workplace’s existing catering facilities to offer agility and flexibility.

By introducing food lockers, employees can have access to freshly made hot or cold meals whenever they wish, all ordered and purchased through an easy-to-use app. When the food is ready to collect, diners are allocated a locker, which is opened by scanning a code.

Elevating the lunchtime experience to one of ease, workers can enjoy a meal that’s been freshly prepared for them, any time, without the need to queue, to wash up or to settle for a hastily-made sarnie.

Keen to find out more about how our food lockers can help entice employees back into the office? Get in touch.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels