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Hot and cold food lockers that can each be
individually adjusted from 2°C to +70°C

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With over 25 years’ experience in the catering industry, we identified a disconnect between hungry customers seeking out freshly prepared meals to suit their schedule, and the kitchen’s hours of operation. It got us to thinking. What if we could change this?

Pre Order Pods allows you to keep a meal in a locker that’s set to the correct temperature so it stays fresh. Customers can access it any time they wish, day or night, via an app. So, whether it’s a nurse on a night shift, or an early morning commuter, a freshly prepared meal is just a click away.

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About Us

Created on a passionate belief that everyone should have access to nutritious food, regardless of their working hours or environment, our cutting-edge food lockers provide a contactless catering solution designed to operate in any location.

Multi-temperature controlled pods designed to be individually adjusted from 2°C to +70°C, allow you to prepare and deliver freshly made hot and cold meals to eat anytime – day or night.


The Process

Meal items ordered

Using an app, a customer reviews a pre-set menu, adds their items to basket, then checks out using their chosen payment method

Order sent to kitchen

Orders are immediately sent to the preparation area via a kitchen display screen, ready to be produced

Automatic temperature

The temperature of the individual Pre Order Pod is set automatically from the app, and the meal, once prepared, can be delivered to, and stored, in it

Meal delivery

Meals are delivered to the assigned locker. Our team records the exact temperature and time of delivery for each order

Collect notification

A delivery notification is sent to the customer and they can access their meal using the app, a QR code or a 5 digit keypad code. It really couldn’t be simpler, or more safe

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