A simple process allows the customer to make an order on their phone and receive a notification to collect or have their order delivered.


Place Order

Customer places an order on either; your own catering app or via a third party app i.e Deliverect; KFC, Deliveroo, Uber Eats.


Order Processed

Orders are processed directly through your POS system allowing orders to be received directly into the kitchen for preparation.


Order Accepted

Customer receives an automatic notification to confirm their order is being prepared.


Order Delivered to the locker

Once the order is ready, the Chef or team member goes to the locker and enters the delivery code automatically generated from your catering app or last 4 digits of the Deliverect order.

Door opens and order placed inside.


Customer Notification Sent

Once delivered, the customer will receive notification their order is ready for collection.



The customer or delivery driver goes to the locker and simply enters the collection code, automatically generated from your catering app/Deliverect order, the door automatically opens and they collect the order.

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