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Staycation destination to ultimate holiday haven

By July 14, 2021July 19th, 2021No Comments

With foreign travel still being curbed by the pandemic, UK-based, would-be holidaymakers have been forced to stay put for another summer. But this hasn’t deterred them. According to a recent survey, 71% of Brits are intending to take a holiday right here on UK soil, with self-catering set to be their accommodation of choice.

As a result, caravan and camp sites have seen an upturn in custom. Outdoor accommodation booking platform revealed that bookings were up fivefold following the government restrictions on travel within the UK being lifted earlier this year.

So, while ordinarily many of these potential punters would be jetting off to sunny beaches or snow topped mountain ranges, they’ve now set their sights a little closer to home. As the owner of a UK holiday destination, you may be looking for ways to keep this new customer base happy, and, of course, safe.

With this in mind, we explore some of the ways Pre Order Pods can be used in a camp site or caravan park to add extra convenience and optimum safety.

Pre ordered shopping can be stored safely until your guests arrive

Clothes? Check. Bedding? Check. Sun cream/umbrella? Check. Food shopping?… When it comes to packing for a holiday, we’ve enough to worry about without taking the contents of our cupboards along too. But imagine reassuring your guests that they needn’t worry.

Instead of getting a big shop in before setting off on their journey, they can instead order items from your on-site shop via an app and have them stored in a locker – hot or cold, depending on the best environment to keep the food fresh – ready for collection on arrival. That means less rushing, less packing and more car legroom for your guests. And of course, more revenue for you!

Your restaurant, café or bar can carry out Covid-safe, contactless food delivery

An upsurge in bookings means an increase of people together in one space, which in the current social climate could pose a worry to you and your guests. Though some visitors might be comfortable returning to normality as soon as they can, others may be more cautious, preferring to steer clear of areas where people are likely to gather. But this doesn’t mean you can’t still offer them catering options if they fancy a night off cooking.

With Pre Order Pods, customers use an app to choose and pay for food and drink, before being assigned an individual food locker from which to collect their order – either immediately, or at a time that suits them. Due to each individual pod having its own temperature control, items/meals can be stored safely until they are collected. The customer receives a notification when their order is ready, and the pod can be unlocked without the need for any physical contact.

You can extend your kitchen’s opening hours without additional overheads

An influx of new guests means more opportunity to recoup the lost earnings of 2020/21. One way to do this is by retaining additional business through your food and drink offering. If you serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, you’ll likely be tied to set serving times. And if guests want sustenance outside of these hours, then they’ll have to take their custom elsewhere.

However, with Pre Order Pods, hot or cold meals can be stored ready for purchase. So, after each mealtime slot, surplus menu items can be loaded into the lockers ready for collection.

Whether holiday makers have just come off the beach, from a day of sight-seeing or just want a Netflix night without cooking, freshly made food can be available, day and night; giving them plenty of options, and no need to seek take-out meals elsewhere.

To find out more about how we can help elevate your staycation destination to the ultimate holiday haven, get in touch today.

Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) from Pexels