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Jumping on the build-to-rent boom? Remember, convenience is key

Apartment scheme

The build-to-rent market is growing at a rate of knots. Last year saw a 51% rise in completed BTR projects in fast-evolving cities such as Manchester and Bristol. And with the younger generations craving social interaction after 18 months of being restricted by the pandemic, shared apartment schemes targeting this demographic are sure to soar further in the years ahead.

It is, of course, no coincidence that most of these build-to-rent apartment developments are located in the most cutting-edge city centres. Millennials and Gen Z desire their living spaces to be as flexible and convenient as the rest of their lives. And this includes being close to work, a gym, restaurants and bars, plus providing an opportunity for community and collaboration with like-minded people in shared areas.

Many complexes include these amenities on-site, such as coffee bars and workout rooms. Though, while a gym can be accessed 24 hours a day, residents can only grab a drink or snack during an eateries’ hours of operation. Restricting what would be a highly convenient service to a limited one.

But what if an on-site café or bar didn’t have to close? The shutters might be down, and the staff at home, but the food and drink offering would be available any time, day or night…

Food lockers provide this level of flexibility to allow F&D businesses the ability to ‘extend’ their opening hours, and afford customers with 24/7 service.

The temperature-controlled Pods have been installed at apartment buildings across the US, to great results. Residents can simply order from an app and scan a QR code to access their chosen menu items from an allocated locker. And this can be done for breakfast, lunch, dinner and beyond, depending on how the on-site kitchen operates.

As our daily lives continue to change at rapid pace, convenience is a trend not showing any signs of slowing down. Alongside the move towards a more contactless, app-based world. The food delivery company Deliveroo reported that their orders doubled during the Christmas lockdown period.

This clearly illustrates a demand for ‘fast food’, and for bars, cafes and restaurants based within build-to-rent apartment schemes, an opportunity to capitalise on, quite literally, a growing appetite for convenience.

To find out how our Pre Order Pods can give your build-to-rent development the edge against competition, get in touch with our team.

Image courtesy of Pexels