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Food lockers that come in all shapes and sizes

Image of a pizza close up

When it comes to food, we all like different things. And sometimes, we want different things at different times. Having supported the catering industry for over 25 years, our team understands the challenges involved in providing a variety of options to suit a wide range of tastes and appetites.

That’s why we offer our Pre Order Pods in all shapes, sizes and temperatures, built completely bespoke around your needs. So, regardless of your customer bases’ profile, there’s a Pre Order Pod combination to suit…

The grab-and-go office worker

For caterers in office complexes, the food is often required quickly and at high volume, especially between the hours of 11am and 2pm. Sandwiches, soups, daily specials or local artisan treats…some required to be served hot, and others cold.

While pre-pandemic, the main source of this type of sustenance was a restaurant, deli or cafe bar, as the world adapts to the ‘new normal’, people have become more wary of queuing or gathering in large groups.

That’s where Pre Order Pods can help. Offering a contactless customer experience allows people to feel safe in ordering and collecting their lunch in a highly efficient process – all done via an app. And thanks to our range of pod options, a multi-temperature unit, made up of hot and cold lockers, allows any type of food to be kept warm or cold, and most importantly, fresh, until it is collected. For extremely busy kitchens, units can even be filled from the back for greater ease of use.

The midnight snacker

For kitchens that serve a younger demographic, in a university restaurant, campus halls, or even a built-to-rent apartment scheme, it seems the battle against takeaway apps continues to rage on.

When looking at the main appeal of these apps, one standout theme prevails: convenience. There’s almost no face-to-face interaction throughout the order and delivery process, payment can be made simply using pre-saved card details, and the turnaround time is often quicker than it takes to open a ready meal and turn on the oven.

The beauty of our pods is not only are they booked, paid-for and managed via an app, but the lockers can be configured for the perfect storage of fast-food favourites such as pizza, until it’s ready to be collected. Simply opt for a column, or whole unit, of wide pods (157mm H x 420mm W).

The health-conscious consumer

Keeping food fresh that’s meant to be chilled or frozen can often pose a worry for both kitchen and consumer. Once a meal has been prepared, the time that it’s safe for consumption starts to rapidly tick away.

However, for salads, sushi, meat, fish and dairy products that require extra care, we offer cold and frozen pods. These can even sit alongside our hot lockers, and because each pod is equipped with its own air loop, there is no risk of contamination. This means a locker set at 2 °C can sit alongside another set at 65 °C.

Taking this element of safety one step further, our app provides vital consumer safety information in compliance with The UK Food Information Amendment 2019, also known as Natasha’s Law.

Whether you’re catering to these customer profiles, or have another unique set of requirements and would like to find out how our Pre Order Pods can support your operations, get in touch with our team today.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels