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Enhance your event catering with food lockers

Our food lockers are the perfect fit for pandemic-proof event catering

Last week’s BRIT Awards was a shining beacon of hope for the events industry. For the first time since the pandemic began, seeing people mask-less and interacting fairly normally was a novelty to say the least. But as the music, sporting and theatre worlds gradually open back up, we must prepare our catering services to meet the requirements of the ‘new normal’.

As anyone that works in event catering knows, the goal is to serve the very best food and drink, to the largest volume of people in quick time, efficiently and cost-effectively. But with the pandemic bringing about the need to keep contact to a minimum, adjustments have to be made to existing processes to make them covid-safe.

One of the most seamless ways to do this is by using food lockers to act as a ‘middle-man’ between kitchen and customer. This eradicates any possibility of contamination, and reduces interaction to allow for optimum safety all round.

Rather than queue for a catering counter or van, customers – whether pop star, sporting hero, actor, cast, crew or punter – select and pay for food and drink using an app, before scanning a barcode to collect their items from an individually assigned pod.

Thanks to each food locker being self-contained, the temperature can be set individually from 2°C to 70°C. This means that food can be kept fresh and accessed at the customer’s leisure, day or night.

We were contacted recently by a sporting venue to solve the very problem of catering for their players in a pandemic-proof manner.

Our food locker solution is the perfect fit, allowing the kitchen to prepare nutritious meals for the players, which they can then collect to fit around their schedules.

Similarly, a world-famous football club reached out to ensure the food and drink offering in their premium lounges is served more efficiently and, ultimately, safely once their doors re-open, allowing spectators to eat whenever they want.

With the reignition of events a major milestone in our return to normality – from music festivals to derby days and everything in-between – we’re extremely proud to be supporting our clients in welcoming their guests back safely.

Get in touch with our team to find out how Pre Order Pods can enhance your event catering.  

Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels