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Delivery versus dine-in: How we can help you cater for both

In last week’s blog post, we explored how an increased demand for food delivery from restaurants is affecting diner experience. From crowded entrances, to the front-of-house team juggling multiple roles, it’s clear that these challenges aren’t just a flash in the pan. They are part of the F&B industry’s future.

Though posing the need for sector change, the rise in popularity for food delivery shouldn’t be seen as a problem, of course. Diversification is never a bad thing. It means evolution, survival, and the ability to thrive. It just requires a slight change in operations. And our Pre Order Pods can help initiate that change.

Make pods part and parcel

For our client, a high street restaurant group, delivery has fast become a cornerstone of its business. This shift from dine-in to delivery, though, has happened extremely quickly. So fast, in fact, its operations are still trying to adapt.

We sought to understand the issues our client was facing, and went out to assess the branches with the most delivery trade. We then analysed what was being ordered – in this case, mainly pizzas, salads and pasta dishes – to allow us to create bespoke food lockers that perfectly hold their contents, in terms of size and temperature – both hot and cold.

We also assessed the areas of the restaurant with the heaviest footfall – where diners and delivery drivers are most likely to clash. In response, we have identified an easily accessible spot for the pods, next to the kitchen but away from the main restaurant, and with its own entrance. This means customers eating in have priority over the main entrance, and delivery drivers can use a separate entrance with their own designated parking area, without the need to interact with staff.

In the build of future restaurants, our client will allocate space in close proximity to the kitchen for their food lockers – eradicating the need for them to be retrofit. In this way, they are using our pods to future-proof their offering.

Bespoke to your business

We understand that every business is different. While some restaurants may be experiencing a leap in delivery sales, and have requirements similar to that of our aforementioned client, others may desire a more understated solution. Regardless of your needs in this area, we can help.

We offer complete flexibility when it comes to the number of columns you choose for your Pre Order Pods, the temperature settings – all hot, all cold or multi-temperature. And even the size. Whether it’s pizza boxes you’ll be storing or sushi platters, our team can support you in getting the combination that’s right for your business.

We also offer bespoke branding, so you can match your exact colours, fonts and logos. If you work with apps such as Deliveroo and Just Eat, they can access customer orders through their branded logos on the collection touchscreen.

Although we see our pods as being a long-term fixture in restaurants, it doesn’t take a full renovation to have them fitted. Our team can install in just one day, allowing you to get going right away.

A simple solution

The beauty of our pods is that they couldn’t be simpler to use, for both restaurant staff, delivery drivers and customers collecting their orders. Once an order is placed, a customer number is allocated to both the kitchen and the person collecting the food, and this is the same code used to open the corresponding locker. The kitchen can make the orders, and store them in the pods – rather than clogging up the pass – and those collecting are assured their order is being held at the correct temperature, ready for their arrival.

There’s no need for downloading apps, or for scanning barcodes. The process is efficient for every party involved. 

Keen to find out how our Pre Order Pods could help transform your restaurant business? Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss.

Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels