How it Works

We offer the world’s first hot and cold food lockers.

Safe, stylish and silent.

Our technology has an extensive product lifespan, and thanks to individual air loops, there is no food contamination risk between pods.
The units are practically silent because they have no moving parts, making them ideal for indoor installation.

Product Benefits:

  • Zero maintenance
  • Long life cycle
  • No gas, invulnerability to leaks
  • No compressor, no mechanical failures
  • No cooling unit on top
  • No risk of fire
  • Separate air flows
  • No food contamination risk

Customer Benefits:

  • Freshly prepared dishes to collect anytime of the day
  • Pre order app with nutritional and allergen ingredient information at the point of order, in accordance with Natasha’s Law
  • Social distancing and no more queuing with pre-payment
  • Reduced touch points, improving personal hygiene
  • Sustainably reduce wastage as meals are produced to order
  • Personalised order information and individual menu choices
  • Meal quality through temperature-controlled technology
  • Ability to order and collect at a convenient time and location

Software Management Support

To operate our food lockers, we provide software that can be integrated with your existing kitchen management system. Our team will support you during initial installation then provide an ongoing 24/7 remote monitoring service to ensure a smooth service.

The software allows you to seamlessly manage:

  • Availability and bookings
  • Delivery of menu items and returns
  • Issue and receive notifications and alerts
  • Individual temperature working conditions
  • Order status
  • Remote management support

Customers can access the lockers using a number of methods, which all seamlessly integrate with the software. These include:

  • A smartphone app
  • Company webpage
  • QR code
  • Keypad code
  • Swipe card

The Process

Meal items ordered

Using an app, a customer reviews a pre-set menu, adds their items to basket, then checks out using their chosen payment method

Order sent to kitchen

Orders are immediately sent to the preparation area via a kitchen display screen, ready to be produced

Automatic Temperature

The temperature of the individual Pre Order Pod is set automatically from the app, and the meal, once prepared, can be delivered to, and stored, in it

Meal delivery

Meals are delivered to the assigned locker. Our team records the exact temperature and time of delivery for each order

Collection notification

A delivery notification is sent to the customer and they can access their meal using the app, a QR code or a 5 digit keypad code. It really couldn’t be simpler, or more safe

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