How it Works

Using the most reliable technology with 20+ years product lifespan, the temperature of each pod can be individually adjusted from + 2°C to +70 °C.

There are no contamination risks between pods, thanks to an individual air loop inside each one. Its almost silent because the units have no moving parts, ideal for indoor installations in dining spaces, factories, offices and meeting rooms.


✓ Zero maintenance
✓ Long life cycle
✓ No gas, invulnerability to leaks
✓ No compressor, no mechanical failures
✓ No cooling unit on top
✓ No risk of fire
✓ Separate air flows
✓ No food contamination risk

Software Management Support

Our software includes an API (Application Programming Interface) for the integration with your existing management system. Our professional service team is available to support you during any integration tests.

Designed for years of trouble-free service. Using remote diagnostic tools, the support team can monitor all parameters and logs, supporting you 24/7.
Our management system manages:

  • Pod availability and bookings
  • Delivery of menu items and returns
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Temperature working conditions
  • Review orders’ status
  • Remote control support

The Process

Order your menu items

Click on the food App or website and add your selected menu items into the basket, checkout using your chosen payment method

Order sent to kitchen

Orders are immediately sent to the preparation area via a kitchen display screen, ready to be produced

Pod number allocated

POD numbers are allocated to each order received

Meals delivered to pod

Meals are delivered to the assigned POD number and the temperature is set using the kitchen display software

POD number sent to customer

Scan the code at the POD code point and collect your meal

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