How to use the Management Portal for ‘Site’

The Site screen is designed to give the Site Manager a window of information and access to the data relevant to Menu, POD operations and Reports. All data is in ‘realtime’ so as data is received – it will show instantly in this window.

Site Name
The site name is detailed in the top left of the main screen so you can check you have logged in to the correct site. If you do not see the site you are in, you need to logout and login with the correct site code. If you do not have another site code to enter, please contact POP support on 0330 123123.

The Site screen has 4 tabs: –

  • Menu Items – all menu items for each mealtime
  • Pod View – live status of all pods per location
  • Data Center – access to view/amend/upload data
  • Reports – view all App Users, sales, orders and product data

Menu Items Tab

This screen summarises all menu items for breakfast, lunch and dinner aswell as the drinks and cake offerings (if available). Each menu item can be clicked to view the full details of each item. Here you can update any Title, Description, Mealtime, Status, POD Tempset (required holding temperature) and price. You can promote a product in the home screen in the PreOrderPods App by changing the ‘Recommended’ to ‘yes’ and set an item to In or Out of Stock. You can also add and view the image / images of each product. Any changes made here are changed imediately.

The meal items screen scrolls horizontally so you can view all menu items, drinks and cakes.

POD View Tab

This screen is a live view of each POD in every location within the site. Cold columns are coloured Blue and Hot columns, Red.

If a POD is highlighted Amber, the POD temperature is not yet within the temperature required to use to POD for the specific meal booked.

This screen gives a clear indication of the status of every POD within each location.

When a POD is selected, all details for that POD are shown in the ‘Pod Status’ panel to the right of the screen. This provides a more detailed look at the status and any error code relating to the POD.

Here, you can override the power on /off by changing the ‘Pod Status Row’ in the ‘Pod Status Panel. This should only be used if a POD is showing a severe error as heating and cooling times will be effected.

You can also change / select a location in the Header Row, using the ‘Select Location’ dropdown.

Data Center

There are 4 columns in the Data Centre: –

  • Locations – view the details of each location / change column temperatures
  • Service Times – set service times, view service status key, view order key
  • Data & Docs – download/upload Product Template doc, view example receipt
  • Pod Management – View / change POD power on/off

– Locations

At the top of this column you can view the locations setup for your site. Upon clicking a chosen location, the details of that location are showed below the list.

Here you can see all details relating to the POD columns, including the temperature balance of the total columns in this location.

In the ‘Change Column Temps’ section, you can change the temperature balance setting of Hot and Cold Columns. The Total Hot and Cold Columns here MUST match the ‘Total Columns’ number.

Any changes made in this column will only be updated at the end of the current day.

— Service Times

In this column, you can set the first service time, service intervals and last service time for each mealtime: –

  • First Service Time – the time for the first Time Slot (POD Booking)
  • Service Intervals – how often you want the time slots e.g. every 30 mins
  • Last Service Time – the time for the last Time Slot (POD Booking)

Any changes made here will only be updated at the end of the current day.

Service Status Key

This section shows the status updates that the User receives in the PreOrderPod App and colours of the updated ‘Order Status’ in the Kitchen Screen.

New Order Key

This section shows the way the order is received by the kitchen in the Orders column.

— Data & Docs

In this column you can download the Products Template document to add all your products for each location, prior to uploading them to our database via the ‘Upload your completed product list’ section. If you require any assistance with downloading, completing or uploading the document – please contact POP support on 0330 123123.

The ‘Example Printer Order’ is also shown in this column. If you wish to change the way the order is printed – please contact POP support on 0330 123123.

—- Pod Management

In this column you can view / change the start power on / off for ALL PODS. The default times are set to: –

  • Power On – 1 hour prior to first time Slot
  • Power OFF – 1 hour after to last time Slot

Any changes made in this column will only be updated at the end of the current day.


The reports screen is split in to 2 Columns: –

  • Column 1 – Sales and Order Data / User Data
  • Column 2 – Mealtime / Product Data

Column 1

– Sales Data

You can select a date range to view all Sales Data for this site. Once a Date Range is selected, all the data is shown relates to the start and end dates chosen.

Data for the ‘Total Sales’, ‘Total Active Users for range’ and Ax Spend per Active User” are filtered by the Date Range chosen.

The ‘Sales per Month’ also only shows data within he chosen Date Range.

— Site User Data

This section details all all User data from the PreOrderPods App.

  • Total Available Users – total of potential Users (workers, contractors, etc) on this site
  • Total Registered Users – amount of Users who have registered on the PreOrderPods App
  • Total Unregistered Users = Total Available Users – Total Registered Users
  • Total Active Users – Users who order regularly
  • Total Inactive Users – Users who have not ordered within the last 30 days

Column 2

This section shows all data for the amount of products sold on the PreOrderPods App for this site.

The data is filtered by Date Range, Mealtime and Month: –

  • Total Products for Range – total products between the dates chosen
  • Total Active Users – total Active Users for the chosen Date Range
  • Av Products = Total Products for Range /(divided by) Total Active Users