How to use the Management Portal for ‘Kitchen’

The Kitchen screen is for receiving orders from the PreOrderPods App. The screen is split in to three tabs – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Each tab has the same layout and provides the orders for a different mealtime.

Site Name
The site name is detailed in the top left of the main screen so you can check you have logged in to the correct site. If you do not see the site you are in, you need to logout and login with the correct site code. If you do not have another site code to enter, please contact your Site Manager or POP support on 0330 123123.

Column 1


This column provides a full list of all orders placed by App Users for this site. It includes all orders for every time slot, for the given mealtime. The orders are received here as soon as they are paid for by the User. The detail of each order includes : –

Order Ref – order number
Location – location reference
Pod N0. – number of the pod chosen in that location
Product – name of the product ordered

These details are shown as: Order Ref/Location/Pod no/Product
Example: 11/C3/5/Skin Boosting Porridge

As the orders are received here, each order is printed on a receipt printer, so that the kitchen can view the order and add the printed ticket to the order when completed. 

All the orders for each mealtime are received 1 hour before the booked time slot, to allow the kitchen time to prepare and deliver the order to the chosen POD.

All orders placed for each mealtime will remain in this column until the end of the day.  PreOrderPods automatically reset each mealtime, ready for the next days orders.


When pressing the “Summary” button next to the “Orders” button, all the orders received are summarised showing only the totals of each product ordered. This is designed to give the kitchen a guide of how many of each item to produce to cover all orders, across all time slots.

Column 2

Time Slots

Each time slot has an ‘Order Summary’ which is the total number of each product for that individual time slot. This list is also filtered for each location within the site.

The ‘Order Status’ bar (at the top of the time slot) shows the stage of each order process. It is initially set at ‘New Order’. When the button at the bottom of the time slot is pressed, a dialog button is shown so that the kitchen can either print the ‘Order Summary’ by location or change the Order Status to the next process stage. 

There are 6 process stages for each time slot: –

    • New Order – this is the default status – waiting to receive orders
    • Kitchen Received Order – this sends a notification to the user that the kitchen has received their order
    • Order being Prepared – this sends a notification to the user that the order is being prepared
    • Order ready for delivery – this sends a notification to the user that the order is ready for delivery
    • Order Delivered to POD – this sends a notification to the user that the order has been delivered to the POD
    • Order Ready for Collection – this sends a notification to the user that the order is complete and is ready for collection.

At the end of each day, all mealtimes and time slots will be cleared and reset ready for the next days orders.